Tuesday 3 October 2017

Scotney Castle, Kent

So many moons ago (sometime during the summer), on the way to an Napoleonic event, I stopped off at Scotney Castle - a National Trust house near Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
Since it was a few months ago I can't remember all the particular details concerning the house. What I can remember is that the main house is early Victorian, but the ruined moated castle in the grounds, dates back to the 14th century.

Rather baronial and Scottish looking.

The entrance hall (it was quite a dark building!)

Closeup of a few of the beautiful portraits

Paintings of the original 14th century castle, before it was purposefully ruined and the new house was built.

The Study

A couple of photos of the family in the late nineteenth century.

Fireplace in the Library 

I love all the little objects that are placed around historic houses. It really makes them feel that they were actually lived in, and was someones home.

The Dining Room

Butler's Pantry

Enormous lead-lined sink

An Edwardian lady (one of the family).

A Victorian children's Noah's Ark

Regency prints on the walls of the first floor corridor.

The Drawing Room. The house was lived in by the family until fairly recently so a few of the rooms were quite modern in style (mid-late 20th century). This room was decorated in the 1950s.

An original 20s dress owned by the family.

I want!!! :)

A few images of the various bedrooms - there were quite a few!

Victorian screen

The 1830s mail coach (I think)

The Bamboo Room

I think Scotney is mainly known for its gardens, which are very picturesque!!

The original castle that was half demolished in the early 19th century, to make a romantic folly for the new gardens! 

One of the bedrooms in the old castle

A bath chair

Prints of the original castle

Mini cannons on the terrace! 

Thank you for joining me on my rather picture heavy tour of another National Trust house. A historic house day is one of my favourites. :)

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