Saturday, 17 November 2012

Jane Austen Festival 2012 - 3rd and Final Part

I returned to Bath the following weekend to attend the two balls of the Festival. The first one was on the Friday night, and was held in the Pump Rooms. As usual I managed to forget my camera, so was relying on my mobile, but of course it decided to have a tantrum so unfortunately I didn't manage to take any photos of that ball. :(. However the next evening, at the second ball, my mobile decided to cooperate, and here is the result.

The ball was held in the Assembly Rooms. 

And the evening started out very genteel

...and happy

...until one lady insulted another

...and a fan duel broke out :)

And another

After the duels we all calmed down, entered the building in a most ladylike manner, and viewed the rooms where the evenings entertainment was due to take place.

The ballroom

Absolutely gorgeous ceiling.

The dancing commenced

After a bit of dancing we stopped for supper.

Aurora looking rather sad. Claire and Aylwen chatting. It was a buffet and each table was called up one at a time to get their food, and for some reason we were the last table. It was a long wait, hence the sad face! :)

Aylwen and her modern water bottle!!!! Shocking! Gorgeous gown though. :)


Pretty marzipan. I hate the taste but wish I loved it as it is always made up into such pretty objects. :)

After supper we returned to the dance floor

Aylwen and Aurora dancing. They had such funny facial expression, but sadly you can't really see them as the photo is so blurry. I really need to invest in a good camera!

I did enjoy the ball - had great fun playing cards, dancing and eating good food, but I had to sit out quite a few of the dances as there weren't enough partners/room, which was rather annoying. But I was there with a lovely group of friends who made the evening - lots of laughing. :)

I had a wonderful time at the Festival and am already looking forward to next year, I am determined to try and make the whole week and not just the weekends.  :)