Sunday, 3 July 2016

Malta Regency Weekend 2016 - Part 2

On the Saturday night we had a ball in the Chamber of Commerce. A lovely old building in the centre of the city. Here are some photos of the evening.

On Sunday we spent a lovely day at the President or Prime Minister's (can't remember which one!) summer home. It was a beautiful old house which used to belong to one of the original Knights of Malta.
Below are a few photos of the rooms

Relaxing in the Drawing Room

Admiring the paintings. :)

The Ballroom

During part of the Napoleonic wars Malta was occupied by the French. In to the floor of the ballroom, french officers carved two chess or drafts boards (not sure which they are). The floor has been re-tiled since then, but the two boards remain.

The rather breathtaking stairwell (this photo no way near does it justice)

The gardens

We had a lovely sunny afternoon enjoying the house and grounds. There were also archery and watercolour classes. Not being much of an artist, and thoroughly enjoying the archery class I took at JAF last September, I decided to turn my hand to archery once again. However, apparently I seemed to have lost any talent I had for the sport (at JAF I came second in the class competition - which I am now thinking was pure fluke!! :) ). This time I was awful at it, and managed to get a giant bruise on my arm in a place that is apparently really hard to bruise whilst doing archery!! The instructor was completely baffled about by how I managed to to do it!! Still enjoyed attempting to do archery! :) 

A traditional Maltese farmer's tool shed, in the grounds

We had a lovely tea on the terrace. :)

Overall I had a wonderful time in Malta. It was lovely to spend a few days sightseeing and then rounding it off with a regency weekend. I would love to go back though as there is so much more to see. :)