Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Georgian House, Edinburgh

Last weekend, I took a very quick trip to Edinburgh for a lovely Regency Ball that was held in the city's Assembly Rooms. The day after, my friends and I had a few hours to spare before our flights so we took in a couple of the city's highlights. Our first stop was The Georgian House, a wonderful georgian townhouse owned by the National Trust for Scotland.

The facade

China cabinet in the Parlour

A tea table with a tea draw!! I had never seen anything like it. Apparently tea tables usually come in pairs with a games table. 

In each room there was a little mouse dressed in edwardian-esque clothes. I'm am pretty sure they were there for children to find, but they were too adorable to resist so I had to take a photo of each one! :)

A gorgeous tea caddy in the Parlour

A rather rubbish photo of another gorgeous one

Decorated with tiny rolls of paper!

The Drawing Room


The beautiful bed in the master bedroom.

The little pockets on the headboard are pocket watch holders! They were meant to keep them warm and upright so that they kept accurate time.

The Dining Room

This is a little silver contraption to keep you melted cheese on toast warm, whilst transporting if from the kitchen to the dining room!!

Mouse maid in the kitchen :)

The Butler's room

It was a fabulous house with very jolly and knowledgeable staff, and definitely worth a visit!!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

When Calls the Heart Christmas Special 2016 - Costumes and other historical inaccuracies

So I know Christmas has been over for a while, but the last few months have been a bit hectic so I haven't gotten round to writing a review until now.

Anyone who has read my previous post on the subject of this Hallmark show, knows that I have a bit of a problem when it comes to the serious lack of historical accuracy of the show's costumes. They seem to be getting worse by the second. But for some reason, up until now, I kept watching the show. But after the Christmas special, no more!! This is saying a lot, as I love Christmas and I am a complete sucker for the traditional over cheesy Christmas films that Hallmark bring out every year. But this episode was too much. Along with the awful historical inaccuracies in the clothing/hair/makeup, the thing that got me the most was the Christmas tree lights in Rosemary and Le's house. They live in a small house in a small frontier town in the 1910s, there is no way the town's houses would have had electricity, Or even that one house would have had a generator. All the other lights in their house were gas lit, but the tree lights were definitely electric. I wonder, were they powered by fairy dust?! This, coupled with the quality of the story-line seriously dropping, means that the show is no longer watchable. It is so sad really as the show had so much potential at the beginning. Anyway, onward and upwards to brighter things - did anyone see the fabulous "Hidden Figures" - the clothing in that was amazing. :)