Monday, 25 November 2013

Jane Austen Festival 2013 - Part 1

I meant to post this about a month ago but somehow I never got around to pressing the 'publish' button!!

This year I was lucky enough to be able to attend the whole festival - not every event, but there for the whole week. 
As usual the Festival started off with the Grand Regency Promenade. However, this year the organisers changed the starting point from outside the Pump Rooms to the Royal Crescent gardens. 
Everyone waiting for the start. 

Getting into line. At the start of the promenade the street was lined with spectators. There were loads of people, it was as if someone famous was attending the promenade! Usually there are only a few people who  turn up for the start to actually watch it.

Walking down Milsom Street. I walked with my friend Aurora. We kept walking up and down the line so we could walk a little bit of the way with all our different friends. So we ended up doing the promenade route about 1 and a half times!! :)

As with last year, the promenade ended in Parade Gardens (I think that is what it's called).  This is where everyone meets up with friends from previous years and chats, whilst watching the dancing performed by Steps in Time.

I spent my time drooling over everyones' amazing outfits and taking sneaky photos!! I loved this pelisse. At the time I didn't know the person wearing it, but met her (Noora) during the week. She is a lovely person and has the most amazing outfits, all made by her! 

Claire, Lyze, Rob and Jag all looking incredible. And Lyze looking very patriotic (she is American)!! :)

Not a great photo, but loved the back of this lady's gown - beautiful embroidery.

Adorable little baby

After the promenade Aurora, an American friend of hers, and two of her friends, and I went and had lunch in the Pump Room.

I am appalling at remembering names, but I remember that they were very nice people, who had amazing clothes. I just love her hat!! :)

Once again can't remember her name but she was also very nice and had beautiful clothes.

I can't precisely remember what we did after lunch. I think we wandered around the city, and Aurora and I found ourselves at Bea's Vintage tearoom. A lovely 40's inspired tearoom. I heard about it over a year ago but never got round to finding it last year, but this year I managed to. 

Bizzare photo I know but Aurora had this really cool pink hand sanitizer. 

Since we had eaten lunch a few hours before, we didn't feel like having a full afternoon tea, instead we each had a scone.

Modern and Regency worlds colliding. Aurora at the express till buying a sim card at Carphone Warehouse! 

That evening there was the Farthingale's Ball in the Assembly Rooms.

Jeanette in the ballroom before the dancing started.


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