Thursday, 10 December 2015

Exploring Kingston Lacy - The Ground Floor

At the end of August (time has seriously flown!!) I spent a lovely weekend in Dorset. I primarily went to attend a friend's wedding, but decided to go a few days early so I would have time to do other things - such as visit a National Trust house. :) I suppose you could say I have a slight addiction to National Trust houses (well actually any historic house), if I am quite near to one and I have a few hours to spare, then said house must be visited! :)

So on this particular, slightly chilly, summers day, I found myself standing in front of Kingston Lacy. 

An Italian palazzo in the middle of the English countryside. 

The weighing machine in the entrance hall (because who doesn't feel the need to weigh their guests as they enter the house?! :) ).

Most of the house is set out as it was during the Edwardian era, but one or two rooms are how the last owner left them in the 1950s.

A view of the garden from the stairwell.

The Library

The Drawing room. I instantly fell in love with this room. Its not so much decor but the furniture and the way it was laid out. Apparently I love Edwardian clutter! :) All it needed was a comfy sofa to replace the rather uncomfortable chaise long, and then I would have happily moved straight in. :)

The main thing that I loved about this house was the attention to detail. It was very much like a home and not a museum - there were nic-naks everywhere.

The Dining room complete with its own organ!

Beautiful carved detail

Hidden behind one of the tapestries is a dumb waiter that goes between the dining room and the kitchen. To the left of it is a small sort of speaking apparatus so that you could use to call down for any thing that you needed!! Sort of an Edwardian intercom system!!

A tortoise footstool - found gracing the floor of the salon 

The Salon 

A beautiful family portrait

Next post - the first floor.