Saturday, 23 June 2012

Horncastle Regency Festival: Part 4

Sunday was by far the best day of the whole Festival. There was one event - a trip to Belton House - the home of Lady Catherine de Burgh (95 version). It was a lovely sunny day and a few of us decided to go in costume. Though, when we actually reached the house and realised that the whole of Lincolnshire had come to enjoy the gardens in the beautiful weather, for a moment we started to slightly regret our decision!!! However we decided to brave it and were so glad that we did as it is always so much more fun visiting historic houses in period costume rather than normal clothes!! :)

The front of the house

Emily outside the house

Me wearing the drawstring gown (I made at the end of last year/ beginning of this year) for the first time. :) Annoyingly the sash kept falling down to my natural waist, so I really need to find a way to fasten it. Think I will have to sew it.

The Stables

I love this photo :)

The Hall

These are the most unusual service bell pulls I have seen - I love them

View of the path that Elizabeth Bennet walks up on her way to the house to meet Lady Catherine. 

A lovely jug and wash bowl I found in a corridor.

The only reason that we went to the house :) !!

Sadly my hair once again decided not to behave itself!! Oh and this is proof that I was in Mr Darcy's bedroom :) !!!

The absolutely gorgeous desk where Mr Darcy writes the letter to Elizabeth. Apparently during the filming of that scene there were too National Trust volunteers standing behind Colin Firth with fire extinguishers at the ready, in case he knocked over the candle that was on the desk!!!

Claire, Emily and I on the grand staircase - I have no idea why I am staring at the steps!!

Claire and Emily walking up.

Emily and I in the room where Elizabeth first meets Lady Catherine. In the film it is a drawing room

... but in real life it is a dining room

The smoking room (I think)

A linen closet that was just off one of the staircases

This bedroom was 30s themed and there was lovely period appropriate music playing

I think this was the lady of the house's sitting room (sorry, there were so many rooms that I can't remember what most of the were called)

I love looking at old photos. :)

The amazing ceiling in the sitting room

A gorgeous victorian gown that was laid out on a pretty impressive bed

Early electric curling tongs. It looks a bit to me like an instrument of torture, and reminds me of the machine in "A Secret Garden" that is used to help Colin's circulation in his legs!!!

There were quite a few bedrooms!!!

The Library, which I loved.  :)

Its beautiful ceiling

This is apparently one of the oldest, if not the oldest, complete map book in the country! Apparently a few of them exist but most have missing pages, as when their original owners went on a journey they would rip out the map they wanted so they didn't have to take the whole book with them on their travels.

The Gardens 

Inside the Orangery

Me walking up the path the Elizabeth took to get to the House!! :)

The back of the House

One attendee of the festival - Andrew- is a very skilled photographer and here are a few lovely photos that he took of us on the lawn outside the house.

...and inside

After touring the main part of the house, we went and had lunch in the tearooms and then went on a guided tour of the servants quarters. Sadly no photos were allowed as the V and A had lent them a few items in one of the rooms. I thought it a bit strange that it meant that we couldn't take photos in any of the other rooms. oh well!! 

The whole day was wonderful, and the weather perfect, if just a tiny bit too windy - I really need to invest in a strong hat pin!

Overall the Festival was lovely. There were a few hiccoughs and hitches that were a bit annoying, but I suppose that any new venture never does run completely smoothly to begin with. For a festival in its first year it was great and I am very glad that I went. :)