Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tea at Fortnums

Welcome back, we have now reached November 2014 (slowly getting through the posts that should have been written last year!) 

My Birthday. Not sure if I have ever mentioned this, but as a sort of tradition, every year on my birthday I go out to tea with my family. Sadly this year my siblings couldn't make it, but my parents and I had a lovely time. We decided to go to The Parlour Restaurant in Fortnum and Mason's. It's kind of an American style ice cream parlour with a Georgian twist. 

Delicious hot chocolate. It wasn't exactly a traditional tea - no scones or sandwiches...

but it was yummy.  Scrumptious banana split. :)

And I rounded it off with a lemon macaroon, by which time I had switched to good old Earl Grey. :)

I apologise for my severe lack of photos! Hopefully I will go there again soon, and will take many more photos. 

A Regency Weekend in Lyme Regis - Part 2

To follow on from the last post - another photo-heavy post!! :)

At some time during the weekend we went for an adventurous walk up on (I want to say cliffs but I am not sure if that is entirely accurate!!) Anyway, it was a walk that Jane Austen was known to have taken. And the view from the cliff/mountain/hill was gorgeous.

Another view

And yet another.

At another point during the weekend, we also enjoyed a bit of dancing (because it wouldn't be a proper regency weekend without dancing! :)  )

Another item of clothing that I fell in love with - Karin's beautiful gown. Look at those sleeves!!!!!! She is a seriously talented seamstress!

I really should apologise for what is clearly a very slapdash post. It is far from smooth flowing! I have got to remember to document events as soon as possible after they have happened, otherwise I forget everything and end up with delightfully confusing post such as this one!!

This is an abandoned hotel where many famous people have stayed (I am pretty sure it is where Beatrix Potter was one of the said people). Sadly it is abandoned and in a bad way as I think there is some dispute between the current owner and the local community/council. If I recall correctly, the new owner is a property developing company, so you can guess what the argument is about. I really hope the building is saved and reopened as a hotel. We sneaked a looked through some of the windows and there was much faded grandeur to be seen. It must have been a very elegant hotel at one time.

Completely off topic but thought I had to include it - a Branksy drawing/mural in a quite corner of the town. 

This house is where Austen is believed to have stayed on one of her visits to Lyme. 

The house used as Captain Harvell's house in the 1970s version of Persuasion.

Congratulations if you have survived all the way to the end of the post! :) I hope you enjoyed it! I promise to try and make sure that the photos on my next post are at least in chronological order!! :)

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A Regency Weekend in Lyme Regis - Part 1

Way back in October I spent a lovely weekend with a few friends in the small seaside town of Lyme Regis. It is a place that I have wanted to visit for a very long time - ever since I saw the 90s version of Persuasion. So when I heard about a Jane Austen tour being organised in Lyme, I jumped at the chance.

On the first day it was chucking it down with rain, so we escaped the downpour by sheltering in the local museum. It's a lovely little museum that has a small wonderful section on Jane Austen and Regency England.

A reproduction bonnet made out of paper!!! I think it was made for some sort of competition.

Exquisite baby's cap

Beatrix Potter also visited Lyme. These are some of the sketches she produced whilst there.

Lace making. I would love to learn how to make lace, but it looks very complicated!!

Rachel's bonnet - ME WANT!!!! :)

So pretty.

Miniature food made for a dolls house!!

When the rain stopped, we ventured outside.Thankfully for the rest of the weekend the weather was quite good.

The beach

Promenading along beach. I think we were seeing how close we dared go to the water, whilst wearing our gowns.

We attended a very interesting talk on Jane Austen, given by one of her descendants. After the talk she showed us a few items of Austen's that had been passed down the family.

One of Austen's gloves!!!

A chemisette embroidered by Austen!!! So beautiful.

We  also spent sometime on the famous (very windy) cobb, from where Louisa Musgrove falls.

This is the view off the end of the cobb. Not there during the Regency Era. I think it was added about 5 years ago.

Leaning against the cobb listening to the very knowledgeable tour organiser Natalie.

On top of the cobb, looking out to sea. Did I mention it was windy!!

Considering whether to jump. :)

I have decided to split this post into two as I have way too many photos! :)