Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dressing the Stars - Part 3

My third and final post on the costumes from the 'Dressing the Stars' exhibition.

Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile 

Suit worn by Dame Maggie Smith as Miss Bowers

 Evening dress worn by Dame Maggie Smith as Miss Bowers

 The French Lieutenant's Woman 


 Gown worn by Nastassja Kinski as Tess

 Pirates of the Caribbean

Orlando Bloom's outfit

Johnny Depp's outfit

Dangerous Liaisons  

Gown worn by Glenn Close as Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil


The Young Victoria

Costumes worn by Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

This gown was apparently worn by Miranda Richardson in her role as the Duchess of Kent. It looks so much like a fancy dress costume that I can't believe that it was used in the film. I will have to get out my dvd and check.

The King's Speech

Dresses worn by Freya Wilson and Ramona Marquez as Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.

Naval uniform worn by Colin Firth as King George VI

Dress worn by Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen Mother

(I am not sure which version)

Another film version of Elizabeth

close-up of petticoat

And another!

Shakespeare in Love

 Costumes worn by Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes as Viola de Lesseps and William Shakespeare

After visiting the exhibition I of course had to make my way to the Centre, because what is a trip to Bath without visiting the Jane Austen Centre, and of course the Regency Tearooms! :) The previous times that I have been to the tearoom I have always had 'Tea with Mr Darcy' because it is so yummy, but I decided that at 2pm it was a bit early for such an enormous tea!, So I had a delicious cranberry and brie panini (which I think was property of the Miss Bennets!) and Lemon cake. I had a lovely time there, and was so excited to see that all staff in the centre now wear Regency costume!! :) I thought it was the one thing that was missing especially in the tea rooms. Sadly I didn't get a photo of any of them as I didn't have the courage to ask, but the women were wearing lovely blue and green flowery gowns and the men looked dashing in their Regency waistcoats :)

Whilst filling in time, before catching my train home, I realised that I had never been inside the Abbey?! I decided to rectify this serious error there and then, and I couldn't believe that I had never been inside it. It is beautiful and I definitely recommend going to see it.

Amazing fan-vaulted ceiling

The organ

I also took a quick look round newly reopened Holburne Museum, by Sydney gardens. I have no idea how it previously looked as I had never been inside it before, but apparently it was rather stuffed full with art work, which was not very well displayed. Now it is beautiful. The artifacts they have are amazing and the new extension, which I thought would be dreadful, is actually really tastefully done and fits in very well with the original building, especially the interior. It is really worth a visit.

Exterior of the Holburne Museum (extension is at the back)

Monday, 29 August 2011

Dressing the Stars - Part 2 - The Duchess

Here is my second post on the costume exhibition 'Dressing the Stars'. All the photos in this post are of costumes used in the film 'The Duchess'.

Georgiana's Maternity Gown

Georgiana's Wedding Gown and the Duke's Wedding Suit

Gown worn by Georgiana's mother - Countess Spencer

Gown worn by Bess Foster

A few of Georgiana's Hats

Clothes worn by Charles Grey and Georgiana

Another of Georgiana's Gowns (an evening one I think)