Thursday, 26 September 2013

BBC Doctors Jane Austen Week

Doctor's on BBC1, is a lunchtime programme that I don't usually watch. I have watched the odd episode, but never found it very interesting. However, they are doing a Jane Austen week in October!!! They are somehow going to intertwine Austen's novels with their storyline. Not sure what it is going to be like, but I will definitely be watching. :)

There is a short clip on the BBC website, and it looks promising!!

Doctors Jane Austen week runs from 14th-21st October. The programme will be on BBC1 at 1.45pm everyday throughout that week.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Celebrating 200 Years of Pride and Prejudice - Part 3: Longbourn

After Laycock, we made our way to the village of Luckington (aka Longbourn). First we went to the church, which was the church used in the final wedding scene in P&P 95. 

This is image is pinned up on the church noticeboard

The step on which Darcy, Elizabeth, Jane and Bingley stand for their wedding. :) 
Everyone wanted to stand on it. :)

We then walked up to Luckington Court (Longbourn House), which is just across the road from the church.

The stables


Me being silly. :)

Claire and I being silly.

First of all we went into the Dining Room and had a delicious tea. It was the same room used in the film, but sadly the wallpaper had been painted over. :( 

Sadly we weren't allowed to take photos of the rooms inside the house, but we were allowed to photograph the tea table. :)

After tea we went out into the garden.

Me in front of the 'prettish little wilderness'. :) Unfortunately the gate wasn't open, so all we could do was stare longingly through the bars. 

We had great fun taking silly photos in the garden! :)

We did a bit of regency-style sunbathing. :)

We then moved to the alcove/grotto next to the house, just off the lawn, and took more silly photos.

We then went back into the house to do some dancing. It was held in the entrance hall so sadly no photos.  But twas great fun. :)

It was a fabulous day up until the point when a mixture of too much sun, cake eating, dancing and spinning round and round on the lawn (with childish excitement!!) made me sick. :(  But thankfully by the next morning I was much better. All in all it was a lovely weekend. :)

Friday, 6 September 2013

Celebrating 200 Years of Pride and Prejudice - Part 2: The Village of Meryton

The following day we hopped on a coach, our destination - the village of Laycock. It is a lovely picturesque village that is owned by the National Trust. People live there, but there are strict rules on what colour they can paint their houses etc. It has been used in quite a few films. Most notably as the village of Meryton in 95' Pride and Prejudice, also Cranford in Crandord. :)
We spent the morning wandering around the village, seeing what buildings we recognised. :)

Miss Matty and Miss Deborah Jenkyn's  House (Cranford)

Corina outside the Jenkyn's house

Captain Brown's House (Cranford)

The very elegant Claire and Corina.

A lovely little bakery

I think this house, or maybe the one in the photo above (my memory is like a sieve sometimes!), was used as Miss Bates's house in the 95' ITV version of Emma.

Laycock church which was used as Highbury church in the ITV Emma

Inside the church

Everyone gathered round to hear all about the history of the village.

Ignore the cars!

Natalie with her beautiful parasol. :)

After wandering around most of the village, we went and had a cup of tea in the local tea room - King John's Hunting Lodge

This is the owner (once again my memory has failed me when it comes to her name!) Anyway, she had a lovely collection of antique (victorian) clothing. Oh and she has also published a lovely book or Regency recipes called 'Tea with the Bennets'.

Me holding the owner's beautiful parasol and shawl. :)

Natalie looking amazing as usual. Her clothes are exquisite. :)

Claire and Corina looking very smart in their ball gowns.

After tea we continued our tour of the village.

The Red Lion pub. Used as the outside of the Meryton Assembly Rooms in 95' P&P.

The National Trust shop - a must when visiting any Trust property. :) I managed to stop myself from buying anything, which is frankly amazing as I always end up coming out of their shops carrying many bagfuls of stuff! So many pretty things. :)

This building was used as a shop in 95' P&P. The one where Lydia spots 'a hideous piece of material that would do very well for Mary'! (not sure if those were her exact words!)

pretty building

and another

and another. :)

This shop was seen in 95' P&P aswell. The victorian postbox was disguised as I think a water pump.

We had a wonderful time. There was great excitement at seeing buildings used in much loved films and tv programmes, and the village was very pretty - very chocolate boxey. :)

Next stop - Longbourn!!! :)