Sunday, 16 July 2017

Steam trains and the 1940s

So after going to the last event, I now officially have the 1940s reenactment bug. So the following weekend we went to another 40s event. This time held on a steam train - the Watercress Line. I fully admit to be a real geek when it comes to steam trains - LOVE them. Though I am more interested in the carriages then the actual engines. It was a fabulous event, each station had a different forties theme, and it was such fun riding up and down the line - in first class of course 😊 (every class of carriage was the same price) - getting off at the different stations and seeing what they had to offer.

As we left the first station this lady was singing "Wish me Luck" by Gracie Fields, or it might have been "We'll meet Again" by Vera Lynn. Can't remember which, but she sang it every time a train left the station!!

The carriage

A fellow passenger :)

Dancing on the platform

This station was showing homefront life

Swing dancing at the GIs station


Each 1st class carriage had a name. :)

View from the bridge across the line

The station master's room

One station had a vintage car display outside

Original 40s childrens clothes

Laundry display

The WVS clothing exchange

Waiting room

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Bletchley 1940s Weekend

So at the beginning of June, or it might have been the end of May (this year is going so quickly I can't keep up!), a regency dancing  friend and I discovered that we were both interested in all things 40s. So instead of going to our dance group's Regency tea dance, we decided to fast forward a century or so and go to our first 40s event. I love regency, but I am desperate to branch out and attend events for other eras. So 40s it was. :) We chose for our first event, a 40s weekend at Bletchley Park.

My sewing skills don't really extend past crafting, (though I have made the odd regency camp dress), so I decided to buy my outfit. Thankfully the vintage scene is big in Britain, so I had quite a large selection of clothes to choose from. I chose a late 30s style dress from the House of Foxy, and my brown and white Peggys from Royal Vintage had their first outing. 😁

A rather odd photo! But it shows my outfit.

Bletchley Park is a great place, but it is very much a work in progress as they are constantly looking for more funding to refurbish all the buildings that are scattered around the estate. I won't go into great detail as I wrote a few previous posts on Bletchley the last time I went there (non 40s event day). You can read the posts here.

Below are a quite a few photos of the event! :)

Some WAAF and RAF reenactors

The famous code-breaker Alan Turing's bear. SO adorable

Alan Turing as a boy! Even more adorable

Recreation of a 40's bedroom

Living room

The main house

The Library

Found a copy of Jo's Boys - someone had good taste. :) 

Lunch of Bubble and Squeak - amazingly I have managed to get through a British childhood without ever trying it. I have been missing out! It was delicious!!

Clever way to stop people touching the antique typewriters! 😄

Swing dancing on the lawns. 

Home guard practice.

This is the car that was used in the film "Enigma" with Kate Winslet.