Thursday, 5 January 2012

Blue and Yellow Regency Gown

As I have protested before, I am pretty useless at sewing. I can do basic straight lines but otherwise any item of clothing I try to make, comes out all weird and twisted and pretty unwearable. Every time I finish making one of my unwearable masterpieces I usually declare to my family that never again will I attempt to sew any item of clothing. However, for some mind-boggling and unknown reason I always seem to try again and again, and so put both me and my sewing machine through more torture!! 

At the Jane Austen Festival in September, I bought 5 metres of beautiful cotton from Charlotte Raine, who is a fabulous seamstress and who also runs courses at the Festival. I had initially intended to have it made up into a gown by a professional, but I decided that I was spending way too much money on historical clothing. So in a moment of madness, I made the decision to attempt once again to make a wearable item of clothing. It took quite a few months and a few sewing tips from a very talented family friend, but I have done it!! :) I have actually made a gown that I wouldn't mind being seen in outside the house! Admittedly it isn't perfect but it is wearable!! I am so happy!!! :) 

Here it is: 

My eyes were closed in this photo, and I looked rather strange, so I cropped it. I am wearing a petticoat and chemisette underneath the gown. 
I used the the Drawstring Gown pattern from Sense and Sensibilities Elegant Ladies Closet pattern.

The back. The pattern has the sash as optional, and then I added the trim at the bottom of the gown. I can't wait for re-enactment season to start again so I can wear it to an event!! :) Now all I need is a spencer and bonnet to wear with it. Hmm.... :)


  1. Your gown is very very lovely! I really like the colors and the fabric is just perfect!

  2. Dear Issy,
    bravo for not giving up! Your dress is really lovely and practise/excercise has always been the best choice to master crafts! I highly recommend hand sewing as you can practice it everywhere and it's fun:)
    Happy sewing,


  3. That is lovely!! And well done you for giving it another go! A finished sewing project that turns out like you had planned it gives such a satisfactory feeling! All too often projects don't quite turn out like you want them to (oh how many of my sewing projects haven't done that?!). But when it does, well it just feels good! :)

  4. Congratulation Issy, you have done a great job! Thanks for all your lovely comments.

    Charlotte Raine

  5. Thank you everyone for your really kind comments. :)