Tuesday, 17 July 2012

1812 Weekend in Italy - Part 2

The next morning we all went round two palaces - Palazzo Mansi and Palazzo Ducale (where we had the dance practice the night before, but this time we went to see rooms not usually opened to the public), and went on a walking tour of 'The Hidden Treasures of Lucca'.

Walking to the Palazzo Mansi

A carriage was displayed in the entrance of the Palazzo Mansi

Waiting in the courtyard of the palace before the tour

I just adore this pelisse!!

And Corina's gorgeous spencer (I already had a photo of the front :) !)

Now onto the amazing rooms in the palace.

John and Aylwen - so sweet. :)

I loved this painting - all the costumes and hairstyle details.


Jeanette was always sneakily taking photos of everyone and managing to get out of everyone else's!! But I did manage to snap one picture of her 

Relaxing on a comfy sofa - we did a lot of walking that day.

A fabulous ceiling

Aylwen stroking a dog :)

Aurora and Jeanette - the light was a bit iffy in this particular room, which meant all the photos I took in it seemed to come out with a cloudy haze over them. :(

One always has to have a photo of "When Regency collides with the modern world". Oh and I love their outfits!!! :) Actually every outfit that they wore was gorgeous. 

I think this was a table top - anyway whatever it was, I just love the beautiful detail.

There were quite a few bedroom in this particular palace...

As amazing as this bed is, I don't think I would feel comfortable sleeping in it

This one is a bit better.
Aurora and I being silly. :)

Aylwen and John. :)

another couple of gorgeous ceilings

And my bed (well the bed I want :) )

And just to prove how much I wanted it I was a bit naughty and perched on the end of it. Soon after a room steward came in and started telling us off in Italian! :(

A bizarre photo of me, but I quite like it.

I'm sorry this post is very ceiling-photos heavy.  There were just so many beautiful ceilings! :)

And finally a sedan chair. I really wanted one of these by the middle of the afternoon as going round 2 palaces and on a walking tour of the town meant that my feet were aching.

I was going to talk about the other palace and the walk in this post, but I think this one is long enough, so I will have to leave them for the next post. :)

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  1. I think if you add a sepiatone filter to the hazy photo's it will give a nice effect.