Sunday, 20 January 2013

My First Muff

I have always wanted a muff, but I had no idea where I could get one from or how to make one. That was until I came across Katherine C-G's fabulous posts on her blog The Fashionable Past. The first shows you how to make a muff, and the second a cover for said muff. I lost no time in attempting to make one.

Here is the result:

 It is rather simply decorated, but I like it.

The cover is made from silk that I had left over from when I attempted to make a 1910s evening gown for a Titanic ball.  I never finished it as I found it rather hard to make, and the ball sold out before I could buy a ticket. :(

The trim I bought a while ago from a lovely little shop off Regent Street. I can't remember the name, but it is a very unusual place. It is located in the basement of an office building so you have to ring a buzzer at the main door to get in, and then work out which unmarked door leads to the basement!! All a bit bizarre but it is anything but a let down. The place is stuffed full of every kind of trim you could imagine. There were so many things I wanted to buy but I was determined to be good, so only bought the one trim I couldn't not buy. :) I have been saving it to use on something extra special, and thought my first muff was the perfect thing. :)

The lining is the one bit I seriously dislike. In her tutorial Katherine used wool for the base of her muff, which I think is much more historically accurate, but I didn't have any wool in my material stash. I was determined to use material I already had, so I raided my stash, and settled on this rather ugly orange cotton. I am hoping that no one will be able to see it when I have my hands in the muff. 

For anyone who has ever wanted to make a muff I really recommend Katherine's tutorial. :)


  1. Well done!. Looks really cute. If you have some of that blue silk left you could try to add a small frill around the opening. Just enough to cover the orange cotton and not be visible from the front. Or make it longer and tuck it inside the muff. Just a thought, so you could be perfectly happy with it.

  2. Oh my! Your muff is very lovely. I had just finnished my 3rd one and I can´t go out without one.

  3. While a cream wool would have been so lovely... I have to say that your muff is just darling already! I remember when I was 3 years old and saw a girl wearing a muff at church... a rare sight to be sure, and I have wanted one ever since!