Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Duke of Wellington's Ball

On 31st May I attended the Duke of Wellington's Ball. It was a regency ball held at the City of London club (a sort of private members club) - beautiful old building dating from 1830s.

After drinks in the Drawing room, we had supper in the Ballroom. 

So many gorgeous clothes and headdresses

Suzy and Sandra looking beautiful. :)

Me in my new gown. It is made from a sari that my sister bought me in India. The sari was transformed into a beautiful gown by Charlotte Raine. I just love it. :) 

The sideish back. I love the sleeves as they allow free arm movement. It's so nice to be able to dance in a gown with sleeves that let you raise your arms above your head. :)

After supper we all chatted in the Drawing room whilst that Ballroom was cleared of some of the tables.

There was a harpist playing beautiful music.

We then went back to the Ballroom for some dancing. :)

I thoroughly enjoyed the dancing, but sadly only half the dance floor had arrived (the organisers ordered one twice the size) so there wasn't enough room for everyone to dance every dance.  :(

The dancing ended all too soon, and we spent the rest of the evening chatting. At one point two people stood up and gave an impromptu concert in the corner where we were sitting. This girl and also a guy who I didn't photograph for some reason (not sure why!)

After the little concert, we made our way up to the roof terrace for some chocolates. :)

Jag (keeper of the chocolates), Claire and Sandra

Me, a very elegantly dressed French lady (not sure what her name is), Sandra, Claire and Suzy.

Some of the soldiers who stood as a guard of honour outside the building as all the guests arrived. Here they are with some of the guests at the end of the evening.

The Ball ended all too soon, but I had a lovely time. I hope the Calton Set (who organised it) will hold another ball next year. :)


  1. Oh, ISSY. That dress is gorgeous! I can totally see English women buying Indian cloth and then transforming them into European garments. Beautiful!

  2. Wonderful share of pictures :)
    Late spring early summer does mean ball season, doesn't it?!

  3. The ball looks amazing! Your gown is gorgeous!