Friday, 21 March 2014

The New Nelson Gallery - The National Maritime Museum

Last week I spent an afternoon visiting my grandmother, who lives in the beautiful and historic part of London that is Greenwich. Whilst there we went to see the new permanent gallery, at the National Maritime Museum, celebrating all things Admiral Nelson. 

I took a few photos, but most of the artefacts are displayed in glass cabinets making clear photo taking a bit difficult! 

Nelson's writing slope

Nelson's uniform - the coat he was wearing when he was shot at Trafalgar (you can see the bullet hole on his left shoulder).

Nelson's knife/fork - designed for him after he lost his right arm.

A few examples of officers uniforms:

A needle case c. 1805 - made and owned by one of the sailors or officers on board HMS Victory

It still contains original needles and pins!!

A close up of a painting in the gallery. I loved the pink gown so of course only took a photo of it and not the rest of the painting! :)  And I failed to take down any details about the painting!!

There were so many more fascinating artefacts to see but I ran out of time to take photos of them all. I would definitely recommend a visit if you find yourself anywhere near Greenwich.


  1. How exciting! And thank you so much for taking us with you on armchair travel and let us take peeks into the amazing collection there!
    The artefacts are beautiful and the painting looks stunning! Hope you be able to find out more about it :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I need to go back to the museum and take more photos as there were so many other beautiful artefacts.

  2. Fab uniforms! thanks for sharing. will be adding this museum to my list of 'London must sees' along with the V&A :)