Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tea at Fortnums

Welcome back, we have now reached November 2014 (slowly getting through the posts that should have been written last year!) 

My Birthday. Not sure if I have ever mentioned this, but as a sort of tradition, every year on my birthday I go out to tea with my family. Sadly this year my siblings couldn't make it, but my parents and I had a lovely time. We decided to go to The Parlour Restaurant in Fortnum and Mason's. It's kind of an American style ice cream parlour with a Georgian twist. 

Delicious hot chocolate. It wasn't exactly a traditional tea - no scones or sandwiches...

but it was yummy.  Scrumptious banana split. :)

And I rounded it off with a lemon macaroon, by which time I had switched to good old Earl Grey. :)

I apologise for my severe lack of photos! Hopefully I will go there again soon, and will take many more photos. 


  1. Happy birthday again, Issy! What a lovely birthday spread --just perfect for you. ^_^