Sunday, 2 July 2017

Bletchley 1940s Weekend

So at the beginning of June, or it might have been the end of May (this year is going so quickly I can't keep up!), a regency dancing  friend and I discovered that we were both interested in all things 40s. So instead of going to our dance group's Regency tea dance, we decided to fast forward a century or so and go to our first 40s event. I love regency, but I am desperate to branch out and attend events for other eras. So 40s it was. :) We chose for our first event, a 40s weekend at Bletchley Park.

My sewing skills don't really extend past crafting, (though I have made the odd regency camp dress), so I decided to buy my outfit. Thankfully the vintage scene is big in Britain, so I had quite a large selection of clothes to choose from. I chose a late 30s style dress from the House of Foxy, and my brown and white Peggys from Royal Vintage had their first outing. 😁

A rather odd photo! But it shows my outfit.

Bletchley Park is a great place, but it is very much a work in progress as they are constantly looking for more funding to refurbish all the buildings that are scattered around the estate. I won't go into great detail as I wrote a few previous posts on Bletchley the last time I went there (non 40s event day). You can read the posts here.

Below are a quite a few photos of the event! :)

Some WAAF and RAF reenactors

The famous code-breaker Alan Turing's bear. SO adorable

Alan Turing as a boy! Even more adorable

Recreation of a 40's bedroom

Living room

The main house

The Library

Found a copy of Jo's Boys - someone had good taste. :) 

Lunch of Bubble and Squeak - amazingly I have managed to get through a British childhood without ever trying it. I have been missing out! It was delicious!!

Clever way to stop people touching the antique typewriters! 😄

Swing dancing on the lawns. 

Home guard practice.

This is the car that was used in the film "Enigma" with Kate Winslet.

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