Monday, 4 June 2012

New Regency Spencer and Gown

I am woefully behind in uploading new posts. I have quite a few to write up but recently time has just seemed to disappear. I have just come back from an event in Italy which I will post about soon (and now I don't have any more events for quite a while so hopefully I will catch up on my blogging), but now to one that I meant to post weeks ago.

In about December last year, I ordered a spencer from a lovely lady, and wonderful seamstress, I met at the Jane Austen Festival in September - Joanna Read, who is actually a friend of a friend. I had seen her at a few festivals and loved the spencer that she wore - at costume events I spend quite a bit of time looking at people's outfits and I always remember the ones I love. :) - The spencer is her own design and absolutely gorgeous. So of course once I had met her I had to order one. :)  And here it is:

Detail of a sleeve

Sleeve detail




A few months ago I decided I needed (well probably not needed, but wanted :) ! ) a new Regency gown with detachable sleeves. About a year ago I bought a bonnet from Marion May Regency clothing, to wear with my pink and cream gown. Sadly it didn't match the gown, but I loved the material so I decided to have my new dress made out of it. 

Close-up of the material


I decided to add some ribbon to make the gown look more 1812ish

The buttons that were on the gown were plastic and not very pretty so I removed and replaced them with some beautiful white dorset wheel buttons, which I ordered from the very talented Naomi at Historika

Back of the gown

The long sleeves

Next: The Horncastle Regency Festival... :)


  1. Oooh, I just love your new spencer! When I found Joanna's Etsy store and happened upon this spencer for sale, I fell in love with it instantly. I've been unable to justify the expense, but I hope one day to have one made for myself also ::dreamy sigh:: The colour you selected is just perfect, by the way.

    And I do agree, the dorset wheel buttons are a wonderful touch to your new gown. Do you have a photo of yourself wearing this lovely ensemble? :)

  2. Thank you. :)
    There is one photo of me wearing the gown and spencer together, but I have a funny feeling it is on my friend's camera. Every time I have planned to wear the spencer it has been too hot. But at one event a friend managed to persuade me to wear it for about 30 seconds to have a photo taken (it was insanely hot that day!!) I am hoping to be able to wear them together at a couple of events in September, so I will post photos then. :)

  3. What a beautiful spencer. I do like the 'pink' colour with the white piping.
    I'm curious about the detachable sleeves how do they 'attach'?

    1. Thank you for all your lovely comments. :)
      I somehow managed to delete one of your comments - I'm so sorry.

      The sleeves are attached with small buttons, but I am in the process of trying to sew ties to both parts of the sleeves as I think it is more historically accurate and the buttons start hurting my arms if I wear the gown for too long a time.

    2. Thanks. I have not seen any detachable sleeves on a dress in person so wondered how it worked.
      I have the sleeves you see that were attached to my white regency dress before I got annoyed with it not fitting right and turned it into an open robe. And thought it would be handy if I could make them attachable so if i was to go to another regency thing I could attach the sleeves and wear over a coloured petticoat to give a different look.