Saturday, 16 June 2012

Horcastle Regency Festival 2012 - Part 2

On the Friday evening we attended a Gothic Soiree at Oxcombe Hall. The actual performance part of the evening was held in the small family chapel in the grounds of the house. It was a lovely little chapel.

The musicians for the evening were a wonderful guitar trio who were so jolly and were lovely to listen to. They were great musicians but I think the concert went on for a bit too long especially as we were all sitting on rather hard church pews. Quite a few of audience were lagging by the end.

Interspersed between the music were a few poem readings, and one newspaper article.

The newspaper article was one from the Regency era and mentioned Horncastle. It was quite funny. :)

The chapel - not a great photo but everyone was trying to get out of the chapel as I took it.

Oxcombe Hall

Gorgeous countryside - view from the house

After the concert we went to the main house and had a delicious feast. 

Emily, Claire and Jackie eating the feast

After eating I went for a little wonder around the ground floor of the house - I am terribly nosy!!!  :)

The staircase - this photo makes it look rather narrow but it is actually quite wide.

Another view of the Dining Room

A slightly blurry photo of the Hall. I loved the wallpaper

The green baize door leading into a former servants corridor.

After supper the gentlemen and ladies were separated into two rooms (we stayed in the dining room with the food :) ), and we then went head to head in a quiz on all things Regency. Sadly the men won, and oh did they gloat about it!!! :(  Despite the results of the quiz, we all had a wonderful evening. 

The following day began with a Promenade around the town. We were rather late in leaving the hotel to get to the place where the promenade was starting, so we were only a small group and didn't really know where we were going, but we finally found it and only ended up missing about 5 mins of it. However, it was a rather nerve-wracking experience walking through the streets of Horncastle, in Regency clothing, to meet up with fellow festival goers. Unlike Bath where the locals are used to seeing Regency-clad persons wondering through the streets, the residents of Horncastle didn't know what to think. Quite a few of them seemed to be stunned into silence, uncontrollable laughter or just complete bewilderment!! 

The first stop on the promenade was a lovely private garden. The garden did have some historical significance but sadly I have completely forgotten what it was. Anyway it was pretty and rather secret-gardenish with all is different levels and small paths.

Admiring the garden. I actually took this photo to get the back of the gorgeous green open robe. It is based on Marianne's yellow one in S&S 95.

We then moved onto the local church

I love Claire's spencer!!!

The adorable children from the picnic trying on the "Prince Regent's" hat. 

The youngest member of the family who was dressed in full regency baby clothes - so adorable.

After the church we wondered round the town, stopping at one house to have a glass of water (sadly the lemonade promised didn't appear but it was still lovely to have a refreshing beverage as it was rather a hot day), then finally ending up in a cafe where we were given sandwiches and slices of delicious chocolate cake.  :)

Next: Antiquing (well more like rummaging), the Regency Ball, and Lady Catherine de Burgh's country pile. :)


  1. After all the bad weather, prior to the festival, we were all praying for good weather...and we got it!

    I'm so glad you did not mention me falling flat on my behind in an unlady-like manner, during the quiz! ;-)

    Photos of the green open robe were also taken, as I loved it...such a beautiful colour too! I took plenty of photos of the kneelers (hassocks) in the church, as I also love needlepoint.

    Looking forward to part three. :-)

  2. I think your fall was much more of a ladylike faint, rather than falling flat. :)