Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Regency House Party - Part 2

After spending a lovely afternoon at the castle, we returned to the manor to get ready for the Anniversary Ball.

Over the last few years I have gained a reputation of taking forever to get ready for a ball. Sadly I lived up to it, and when the time came for us to go to supper, I was not ready! However all was not lost. The serving of the food was particularly slow, so after each course Emily ( who wasn't entirely ready herself, and who is a genius at turning my frizzy hair into perfect regency curls) ran upstairs to finish getting ready. 

Emily at supper

Suzy (not sure what she is staring at?!), and other guest enjoying supper.

By the time supper had ended, we had run up and down the main stairs quite a few times but, we were ready for the ball. :)

Avril, who always wears the most gorgeous gowns

And of course I had to take a view of the back. It was made out of a beautiful sari. I really want a sari ball gown!!

Emily and Suzy waiting for the Ball to begin. 

Jackie doing the same

Me at the beginning of the ball.


The anniversary cake that was brought out onto the dance floor near the end of the evening. Twas delicious. :)

Dancing. :)

Sadly there was't always enough room or enough willing dancers, for us to dance every dance, so when we found ourselves in such a situation we retired to the drawing room/bar to have a refreshing beverage. 
Here Sandy is reading allowed to us all, with a rather tired Babs falling asleep on her shoulder!

The next morning we had a kite making class, which was such fun.

Not everyone took part. Those who didn't chatted and played board and card games.

Not anything to do with kite making, but I had to add the photo in as I just love the carving on the paneling. 

I actually never got round to taking photos of the class as I was having too much fun. Emily and I were in fits of laughter sticking the plastic straws, that had been provided for us to use in constructing our kites, into our hair making us look like regency aliens. Lol :) I have to admit that I can be rather childish at times!! :)

Here are a few photos that I took of my kite when I got home. 

After making the kites we went out onto the lawn and attempted to fly them. They were made out of plastic straws and paper so weren't the best kites in the world, but we had great fun running up and down the lawn trying to get them to fly!! 

All in all it was a wonderful weekend, and I really hope HRD will hold another house party next year. :)


  1. The question is how do you get the perfect regency curls in hair that won't hold curls? I've tried pin curls (get waves not curls), rollers (get curls but not ringlets), heated tongs (only stays for 5mins) to try is rags/curling papers (I think its the same principal).

  2. Good morning, Miss Issy! I have a little surprise for you! :) Follow the link to my blog - (sorry to post in your comments section, I could not locate your email addy) ~Angela

  3. The neckline of your dress is lovely, Issy!

    I also love Avril's gown!! Did she make it herself, do you know?

    That Regency cake looks so good!

  4. So glad to find your blog! I work at the JAC in Bath so am a total Jane girl. Did you make it to the Festival this year? These dresses are pretty fab :) x

    1. I am thoroughly jealous, I would love to work at the JAC! Yes I did go to the Festival this year but sadly only on the weekends as I couldn't get time off work. I missed so many amazing events, but really enjoyed the ones I was able to go to, especially the Pump Rooms Ball!! :)