Sunday, 30 September 2012

Two Very Great Honours

I was very lucky recently, in the space of 2 days I received 2 blog awards. I know everyone says this, but they were completely unexpected, especially as my blog is not a literary masterpiece nor a thing of beauty (my computer graphics skills leave much to be desired). It is just where I post photos of my historical costumes and the events I attend. I started a blog so that I could share my photos and stories of events that I had attended, with people who might enjoying hearing about them. Sadly there is a serious lack of people in my area who have any interest in historical costumes, period dramas etc, so no one who would enjoy me talking endlessly about events and forcing them to look at all my photos!! :) However, I have to admit that there are a couple of people who like tea - I do live in England, so it would be strange if there weren't! I spend countless happy hours drooling over photos on other people's blogs, dreaming of going to an American civil war re-enactment, Colonial Williamsburg and the Fair at New Boston, so I am so happy that there are people who enjoy my blog. :)

Now on to the Thank Yous -

The first award I received was 'The Versatile Blogger' from Quinn over at The Quintessential Clothes Pen .
The second was 'Liebster Blog' from Angela over at The Merry Dressmaker

Both Quinn and Angela are amazing seamstresses, whose blogs are definitely worth a visit if you enjoy looking at gorgeous costumes and photos of fabulous events. :)

Thank you so much both of you. :)


  1. You're welcome! Glad to share the awards around. :)


  2. Congratulation to your Awards :-). <3

  3. Congrats!
    I very much enjoyed your posts on your latest costume adventures with the Hampshire Regency Dancers!!!