Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Windows and Greetings

I have decided to take a break in my Jane Austen Festival posting, to bring you something slightly more festive. This morning I went into central London to see some of the shop windows, as I heard that Harrods's windows were a must see. I was not disappointed. The theme this year is a 30s style train - think Orient Express with a modern twist.

I will apologise in advance for the photos. They are not great because of the reflections on the windows, and because I had to take them quickly as there were so many people walking past!

The engine of the Harrods Christmas Express. The wheels moved, there was smoke and sound effects. So cool. :)

The name on one of the carriages

This was my favourite window

A close up. As you can see from the water drops on the glass, the weather was being typically British! 

There were large windows which showed the inside of carriages, and smaller windows which were set up as train carriage windows with blinds, showing little displays. I love this art deco style tea set (or it might be a coffee set!)

The bar carriage 

The dinning carriage

Try to ignore the National Express coach!!

Wishing you all the Merriest of Christmases. I hope you have a fabulous time. :)

Early Victorian Christmas



  1. This is too wonderful.I wish I could see the wonderful decoration myself.( I would try to jump inside ;-) ). Thank´s for this lovely post. I wish you a wonderful and impressive new year dear Isabel.

    1. Thank you Thilda. :)
      Whilst standing in the rain taking the photos I wished that I could just jump through the glass and join the 30's tea party!! :) Hope you are having a fabulous New Year!!

  2. Oh that's cool! I think less over the top than the NY windows. I've never been to see Christmas windows in real life so thanks for bringing one to the rest of us.