Friday, 31 January 2014

A Regency Weekend in Hungary - Part 2: Pronay Castle

The following morning we drove out of Budapest into the countryside, to a village called Pronay. Pronay Castle, just outside the village was where the weekend was to be held. 

Sadly I booked too late to get a room in the Castle, but a few of us stayed in a lovely little cottage in the village.

The first night we just had a light supper. It was in a lovely setting but the food was disgusting. I ended up pretty much eating just bread. 

The next day we visited Godollo Palace

It was one of the holiday homes of the Austria-Hungarian royal family.
(Me infront of the Palace)

Inside the palace sadly we were only able to take photos of the staircase landing. It had a beautiful ceiling.

Claire and Jeanette

Corina - isn't her pelisse gorgeous!!! 

So pretty

After wondering around the gardens we stopped in the tearoom for a cup of tea and a piece of cake. :) The most important part of any visit to a historic building! :)

Claire and Corina in the tearoom, looking very regency!! :)

We drove back to the castle early in the afternoon.

After lunch we had a very interesting costume talk on regency costume and traditional Hungarian costume of the time.

And then later that evening... 

The Ball!!!

Twas a lovely evening. :)

The following day we went back to Budapest, went on a guided tour of the city and then caught a flight home. A whirlwind Regency weekend in Hungary. :)

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  1. Jealous! what wonderful time, maybe not the first meal though ;p