Saturday, 15 February 2014

Tea at the Lanesborough Hotel

At the beginning of November last year, I had tea with my family, to celebrate my birthday, at the Lanesborough Hotel. The Lanesborough is an interesting hotel, as up until quite recently it was a hospital! However, you would never guess now that it wasn't built as a hotel. I think they kept the original facade, and completely remolded the interior.  
Tea is served in the hotel restaurant, Apsleys

It has a sort of modern take on art deco style.

Have to take photos of the china. :)

The food. It was delicious apart from the cucumber sandwiches. They are usually my favourite but these ones seemed to have rice in them! Rather strange.

The all-important clotted cream and jam. :)

I didn't remember to take a photo of the scones until we had already started eating them! :)

One of the waiters overheard my family wishing me a Happy Birthday, and they brought me this. For some reason I cut out the cake, but it had a candle on it and was delicious (the cake not the candle!!!). :)

After we had finished eating I wondered around the hotel reception and found these amazing flowers

...and a lovely regency portrait. :)

Love the gown.

Apart from the strange cucumber sandwiches, it was a wonderful tea. Not only was the food good but so was the setting, and the live piano music. I also loved the fact that when the pianist went on his break, they put on the soundtrack from the 1980s version on Brideshead Revisited!!!! :) 
Though not the absolutely best tea I have had in London, it is right near the top and I would definitely recommend it. :)


  1. Happy belated birthday here, Issy!! :) Afternoon tea looks divine, and I couldn't tell it was a hospital first at all! ♥ I'm quite enamoured with that portrait, too. What a lovely way to spend your special day.

  2. Happy belated birthday.
    And I can fully relate as when scones and clotted cream are on the table I would forget to take photos, too ;) Yum!


  3. Happy Birthday! what a lovely outing :)