Friday, 22 July 2011

Low-Cholesterol Adventure

Recently my father was told by his doctor that he had to lower his cholesterol, so remove cakes and all things nice from his diet. Now you all know I love baking, so am constantly making cakes and cookies for my family and friends. I felt sorry for my father not being able to eat them, so I paid a visit to good old Amazon to see what they had in the way of low-cholesterol baking recipe books. Their solution was 'Cholesterol-Free Cakes and Cookies' by Mabel Cavaiani - an old library book which looks like it was published in the 80's (the date page has been removed so am not certain). I found it odd that there were not more books on offer, but ordered it. Ok so there are no photographs so I have no idea about how the food is meant to look, and the measurements and ingredients are all US so it has taken  a while to work out what certain ingredients are (different names) and how much I need of each, but otherwise it is a great book. Cavaiani gives a little history of each cake, biscuit etc. (which I think is great), and explains all the substitutions she has made to make the recipes cholesterol-free.

For my first adventure into the world of cholesterol-free baking I decided to make a Burnt Sugar cake. It is a cake I have never heard of before but my father loves caramel so I though I would give it a try. Here is the result:

Birds-eye view of cake

Another photo of cake!

The cake once tasted. The actual cake is rather plain but with the icing I have to admit it is rather delicious. :)

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