Thursday, 7 July 2011

Regency Ball

Last Friday I went to the Young Georgians Summer Ball (As mentioned in previous posts, I am a member of a Georgian society called the Georgian Group and the Young Georgians is the under 30s part of it). It is usually just a drinks party but this year they decided to make it a ball. The theme was Regency and since I wore my Regency ball gown to their ball before last, I am ashamed to admit that I was suffering from 'I can't wear the same gown, everyone will recognise it!'. So I decided to buy another one as my sewing skills are not up to making a ball gown. Sadly the lady who makes the style of gown that I really wanted, didn't have the time to make it so instead I had an overjacket made to wear over my ivory gown.

A close up of the overjacket. I haven't got a photo of the back but it has a fantail.

A full length photo of mine and a friend's gowns.

Like the last two balls that they held, it wasn't fabulous - there wasn't enough food for everyone, not enough chivalrous men to ask ladies to dance (there were loads of men) and not really that much room to dance (it was a bit like regency bumper cars but without the cars and whilst dancing!!).

The food for around 60 people - there might have been just enough but people were going up for seconds before others had even had firsts!!

It wasn't all bad though, a great more people dressed up this time (I had great fun looking at some of the beautiful costumes :)), and as it was lovely weather the beginning of the ball was held outside in their version of the Vauxhall Gardens. The Ball was held in the Georgian Group headquarters which is a town house in a lovely Georgian square in London. In the middle of the square their is a lovely garden which became the "Vauxhall Gardens" for the evening. But most of all it was lovely to spend time with friends and to dress up in Regency clothes :).


  1. I LOVE your over-coat!! That blue is just beautiful --it's a new dress altogether with it. :) The ball sounds lovely too, but too bad courtesy and chivalry are a bit lacking, seeing as it is a ball in memory of yester-years.