Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ships and Ranting

I apologise in advance as there will be ranting...

Ok so most of you know that my interests rather centre around history especially eighteenth and nineteenth century. But do any of you have an interest or a hobby that is completely different from all your other interests?  I do and mine is a weird obsession with ships and the Navy. The Navy has a long and illustrious history but it is the modern Navy and modern ships that for some reason grabs my attention, an interest which seems so odd when you line it up next to all my others (Jane Austen, period dramas, historical costume and architecture, P. G. Wodehouse, crosstich etc.) I suppose it is in my blood - my family does have quite a strong connection. A great grandfather, a grandmother and grandfather, and a great aunt and uncle were all in the Navy, my father was in it for 12 years, and my brother is currently serving. I suppose the interest started when my brother joined and all my father could talk about was 'the good old days in the Navy'. The Navy was the main topic in the house for months, so a learnt loads!! This interest in all things nautical meant that when I stumbled across the Australian tv drama 'Sea Patrol', I was so excited and I lapped up the first series. It is a drama series about a group of Royal Australian Navy sailors who serve on board a patrol ship. I really enjoyed the five seasons that it ran for - apart from odd times when there was just a bit too much violence for my liking, and when main characters didn't feature in the next season and there was no explanation as to their disappearance. But overall I thought the series was pretty good. That was until today when I watched the final ever episode (it has been cancelled due to high costs - the company rents a ship from the navy to film it!!). All I can say is that is was quite awful, and really annoying. I sat in front of my computer for about 5 minutes after it ended saying 'what on earth???' over and over again. It could have been soo much better. I am thoroughly disappointed :(. But feel much better now that I have ranted to my hearts content. :)

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