Friday, 30 September 2011

Jane Austen Festival 2011 - Part 2

Part 2 of my Regency adventure :).

On the Monday I started the day with a walking tour entitled 'Shopping, Shopping Shopping'. As the name implies, it was all about shopping in Bath during Jane Austen's time. It was extremely interesting, but sadly I didn't have much time to take any photos. We went all over the place but I have to admit the highlight was going to the original Molland's pastry shop, and then the one used in the 95' Persuasion. Both of which are now clothes shops!!! Sadly I didn't take photos of either Molland's.

I did however manage to get a shot of the original Georgian entrance to the Theatre Royal. I think it is rather beautiful. The entrance that is used now was built in the Victorian era. With the original, your carriage could drive right up to the front door and drop you off. But with the present entrance there is not enough room, you have to alight elsewhere and walk to the entrance!!! I think I prefer the Georgian entrance. :)

In the afternoon I attended a talk on bonnets by the wonderful Serena Dyer of Dressing History. It was really interesting, and afterwards I realised that I previously knew next to nothing about Regency bonnets!!

Serena beautifully dressed as usual. Her Regency hairstyles are always so amazing, I don't know how she does it. My hair never curls it just stays frizzy! :(

Loved this bonnet. It is the same style as one of Miss Lizzie Bennet's in '95 P&P.

Loved this one too. :)

A calash

That evening I attended two events (yes it was rather a busy day - I was exhausted by the end!!). The first one was 'Drawing Room Theatricals' which was hilarious. It consisted of a modern-day retelling of P&P, an audience with the Regency actress Sarah Siddons (in her dressing room before a performance) and two actors performing P&P at a record speed!

The modern Lizzie telling us how she met her future husband, whilst folding laundry! :)

Sarah Siddons

These two ladies sang and played between the acts - very talented.

The second event of the evening was a Q&A with the historian Amanda Vickery!!!!!! I was so excited about this event as I loved her tv series 'Behind Closed Doors: At Home in Georgian England'. It was so surreal and odd seeing her sitting there right in front of me, but wonderful :)

The great historian in person - a bit blurry. My camera seriously dislikes me. :(

The next day was much more relaxing. I only had one event - a reticule making workshop. It was run by a lovely lady called Charlotte "Charlie" Raine (who made my first Regency gown - the pink one), and was a wonderful and relaxing event.

Everyone sitting round sewing, drinking tea, eating chocolate biscuits, and of course gossiping! :)

The Royal Crescent on a lovely sunny morning.

Part 3 will be coming soon. :)


  1. I'm truly green with envy;) What a wonderful day! I wish I could attend one of Serena Dyer's lectures.
    Have you purchased her new book on hats and bonnets?

  2. Yes I have. She was selling copies of it at the talk, but I haven't got round to reading it yet as never seem to have the time!

  3. One talented lady. Lucky you to hear her speak and see her bonnets up close. Thanks for sharing!