Monday, 28 November 2011

Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion

As I was going to be spending most of my birthday on an aeroplane flying with my family to visit my sister in Argentina, my parents gave me a couple of presents to open beforehand. One was the book about the Regency costume exhibition that was held in Milan last year, 'Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion'!!

I had mentioned that I really wanted it but had no idea that they had actually got it for me. :) It is a beautiful book with fabulous photos of some of the gorgeous costumes that were on display in the exhibition, and of some lovely fashion prints.

Here are a few of my favourite:

I LOVE this spencer

...and this gown

...I wouldn't mind this one :)

The embroidery on this gown is beautiful

Closer look at embroidery

I really want a pelisse like this one

I really recommend the book, it is fabulous. I really hope the exhibition comes to England soon. :)

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