Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Regency Outing to Hinton Ampner

On the Sunday after the ball, there was a day trip to the nearby historic house Hinton Ampner in Regency costume. The original Hinton Ampner house was Victorian, but in the 1960s it burned down. The then owner, the 8th Earl Sherborne, completely rebuilt the house but in a Regency style. It is now owned by the National Trust.

The ceiling of Hinton Ampner Chapel

The Chapel interior

Everyone gathering in the car park waiting to go into the house.

The beautiful Drawing Room

Another view of the Drawing Room

In the Library - apparently this fireplace was designed for Napoleon

The Study

I LOVE this lady's spencer and bonnet. They are beautiful. :)

The Dining Room

Posing on the stairs :)

One of the bathrooms, it has a fake spider in the bath!!

One of the bedrooms

Posing on a window seat

Another bedroom. I love this bed.

Apparently black-tiled bathrooms were all the rage in the 40's

Breakfast all laid out for the 8th Earl

8th Earl's bedroom

We had a wonderful time wondering around the house and then went to the tearoom to drink tea and eat cake :). And then went on to have lunch at a pub in our costumes. Yes tea and then lunch is slightly the wrong way round but we were hungry :).


  1. What an amazing house!!! You should have enjoyed a lot visiting it on your regency costumes. : )


  2. Hmm, I seriously wouldn't mind a house like this... I think I'd be quite happy living somewhere like this actually! And those beds! *swoon*

  3. Nereida - we did, it was such fun. :)

    Aurora - So would I!! :) And the beds were so pretty, I have always wanted a four poster bed. I had a serious urge to steal the green one, though sadly it wouldnt fit in my reticule!:(