Friday, 3 February 2012

Jane Austen and MasterChef

When I was at the Jane Austen Festival last September there were a couple of camera crews doing some filming during the costume promenade and the masked ball. I thought they were both filming for Amanda Vickery's programme 'The Many Lovers of Jane Austen' (a BBC programme which aired over Christmas). So I avidly watched her programme, because I was interested in it, and to see if I might be on it :). Alas I wasn't *sheds a tear* :). Anyway, the wednesday before last, I got a text from a cousin asking if I was in the episode of MasterChef that was airing that night, as the contestants made food for attendees of the Festival.   I knew about the food tasting as a couple of friends had been asked to go up to the Royal Crescent in their Regency finery and try the food. So when my cousin mentioned the programme, I thought I would watch it to see if I could see any of my friends being interviewed. So I was beyond shocked when I saw myself pop up on the tv screen! It was only for about a second, but I have to admit that it was so exciting!! :) So it turns out that the other camera crew at the promenade and the ball were filming for MasterChef!

Here I am :):

The image is not that good as I have no idea how to upload an image that I saved in word from a print screen. So the only way I could upload it was by taking a photo of the programme on BBC iplayer whilst it was playing on my laptop!! Anyway, here I am, during my millisecond of stardom, at the masked ball reception in the Roman Baths, wearing my gold and silver mask with a blue ribbon in my hair :)

If you want to watch the programme to see if you were in it here is the link  :) (it's on BBC iplayer so sadly can only be watched in the UK)


  1. Awww~ I wish I could watch it, but in any case, you made it! You're on the silver screen! Congratulations, and beautiful profile! ^_^ ♥