Monday, 20 February 2012

Stepping Back in Time at the V&A

The weekend before last I had two friends staying from Germany. One of them had never been to London before so we went to see the usual sights. Of course the V&A was on the list! :) I love the museum, especially the costume gallery (which has sadly been closed, for about a year, for refurbishment). A close second is the British Galleries. They are galleries in the V&A which showcase British decorative arts since about the 15th Century. My favourite part is of course the rooms dedicated to the 18th and 19th centuries. In these rooms, not only to they have china, furniture, clothing but also two complete rooms that were rescued from Georgian mansions in London before they were bulldozed in the 1960s (So many beautiful buildings were lost in that decade :( ).

Here is the Parlour from a house that used to grace Henrietta Street, no. 11 to be precise.

The beautiful ceiling

The Music Room from Norfolk House in St. James Square. A bit too much gilding for modern taste, but still beautiful. :)

A slightly blurry photo of the amazing ceiling

I thought I would also throw in a few photos of the costumes that are in the British Galleries.

An amazing Georgian Court Gown

The material in detail!!

My friend Nathalie trying on some Georgian underclothing!! I think they are meant to be for school groups, but I always have so much fun trying on the costumes with friends ( you can also try on a victorian crinoline and a soldiers costume from the 16th Century).

Learning to sit like a Georgian lady! :)

Another gorgeous Georgian gown. Sadly you can't see the front.

A man's georgian waistcoat - amazing embroidery work.

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