Monday, 22 October 2012

Jane Austen Festival 2012: Part 1

I am slowly but surely catching up on my blogging! Next for your perusal is my report on the Jane Austen Festival 2012. Sadly this year, as I predicted, I wasn't allowed to take time off work, so I missed out on the events during the week. But at least I got to go to a few on the weekends. 

Well of course the first event of the week was the promenade, the grand opening, where everyone shows off their smartest daywear. :)

Aurora wearing her gorgeous new pelisse and hat. Me serious want!,

Waiting in Queens Square for the promenade to start.

The promenade begins...

Walking past the Jane Austen Centre.

An adorable dog that turned around just as I was taking its picture. :(

A traffic jam in Milsom street. 

Priscilla and Claire looking ever so elegant! 

A lady wearing a beautiful open robe.

Admiring the soldiers in Parade Gardens (where the promenade ended). 

The dancers of Steps in Time performing in the gardens.

Two girls wearing beautiful spencers!

Promenaders watching the dancing.

Aurora, I and Jeanette

Shopping at the local village shop :)

That evening we went to see a Georgian play at the Guildhall. Apparently it was originally written for the actor David Garrick.
I have to admit that the first half was rather hard to follow (a mixture of strong scottish accents and georgian language) but the second half was much better.

Here are a few photos of the actors:

Next post: 2nd Promenade and embroidery. 


  1. You must have been right near me during the promenade. I have some similar photo's.
    Such Fun!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog. We have a lot in common. I love your photos. The festival looks like so much fun. I'm hoping to go maybe next year.
    QNPoohBear from America

  3. Aurora's pelisse is gorgeous!

    I love the colour of your.. spencer?.. Issy!