Thursday, 11 October 2012

The New Costume Gallery at the V&A

I am holding off on posting about the Liebster blog award as I can't decide on which blogs to award it to (there are to many amazing ones). In the meantime I am going to write up some post that are long overdue.

A few months ago I went to the V&A and spent a fabulous couple of hours drooling over the costumes in the museum's new costume gallery.

Here are a few (actually quite a few!!) photos of my favourite costumes/accessories. :)

I really want a spencer like this 
EDIT: Opps I meant pelisse not spencer!!!

Oh and gown like this

Oh and this

The gallery is wonderful and so much better than it was before. It's definitely worth a visit to London to see it. 


  1. I'm so jealous, I really need to make a trip to London for all the great museums! The last time I went I was 13 and all I cared about was rock circus.....

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos with us! Plenty of eye-candy and inspiration!!!


  3. I agree. Thank you for this lovely pictures! I love exhibitions like this. I wish I could have them all :-)

  4. Great pictures. Wondering what closures are on the 20's tennis dress...
    I'll have to go for a day trip to london again..haven't been in ages.