Friday, 15 April 2011

Beamish Museum

My sister and I went to the Beamish Museum a couple of years ago. It is just outside Newcastle and is an open air living history museum. It consists of  a high street which is set in 1913 with reenactors, working sweet shops, trams, a schoolroom, a bank etc.  There is also an 1830s Manor House and an early 19th century steam train. It wasn't the most amazing museum I have ever been to, but it was great fun and good way to wile away an afternoon. Here are a few photos

The Sweet Shop - they make the sweets on the premises. They only sell traditional sweets and they are delicious! :) 

The Schoolroom 

one of the omnibuses 

The high street

The nursery in one of the houses

A parlour 


Drawing Room

Fabulous advert in the car shop/museum! 

Clothes shop

Grocery Shop


Dining Room

Another bedroom

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