Thursday, 14 April 2011

Here goes...

Here is a confession - I am in my early 20s and in my last year at university. I hate clubbing, I don't really drink as I hate the taste (apart from Pimms which I adore :) but only really drink it in the summer as... well its a summer drink), I have never smoked and I am addicted to tea. I love cheesy chick flicks (especially American ones), sitcoms, and am a Christmas fanatic. I love historical clothing (especially eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century), period dramas, Jane Austen, nineteenth century dancing, baking cakes (and eating them!), Georgian and Victorian architecture, reading historical novels, cross-stitch and did I mention tea!

I find writing quite hard as I am dyslexic - so it probably seems a bit of an odd decision to start writing a blog. The thing is that I have read loads of blogs by people that have similar interests to me. They are amazing blogs which are so interesting to read, but everyone writing them seems to live in America. Now don't get me wrong, I think America is a fabulous place, full of wonderful people. Its just that I have never really met anyone who lives here (England) who, is around my age and has similar interests to me. Not one of the blogs is by someone in England and I am starting to think that I am the only 20 something year old person in this country, with my interests. So I thought I would share my love of all things historical and see if there are any other British history fanatics out there. That is not to say that I only want British people to visit - Anyone from any country is welcome. :)

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