Tuesday, 23 August 2011

White Regency Gown with Detachable Sleeves

After seeing the gorgeous white gowns that many people have posted on their blogs, such as Living with Jane, the Bluegrass Regency Society and the Oregon Regency Society (two societies which I would love to join as they seem to have such amazing events, but sadly I live on the wrong continent), I decided that I needed one. :) They are not only useful as you can wear practically any bonnet or spencer with them, whatever the colour, they are also so pretty. :)

I bought some lovely white striped cotton, from the local haberdashery, and sent it off to Katy at Regency Regalia (who made my green bonnet and reticule) to be made into a gown. I was slightly worried that the material wouldn't look right, but I needn't have worried. Katy sent back a gorgeous gown with detached sleeves (so I can wear it in hot or coldish weather). :)

Here it is:

The front of the gown. I decided not to have any trim around the empire waist, so that I can just attach a ribbon to match whatever bonnet or shawl I am wearing. 

One of the detachable sleeves. I think it is such a fabulous idea to have sleeves that you can remove :).

Back of the gown

Close-up of the back of the bodice. It closes with hooks and eyes and a ribbon drawstring.


  1. May I ask how you attach your detachable sleeves? I've been trying to find information on how this was done but most of the stuff I find for "detachable sleeves" is for, say, modern outdoors clothing with zipper, etc. Are they buttons? Hooks and eyes/bars? How many per sleeve?

  2. The sleeves on this gown are attached with buttons. But I have seen a gown where ties/ribbons were used.