Sunday, 7 August 2011

Regency Chemisette and Petticoat

Recently I decided to expand my historical costume wardrobe to include a few Regency undergarments. One of my Regency gowns is so historically correct (I didn't make it!) that it has no lining in the skirt (or did some Regency gowns have lined skirts?) Anyway I was worried that it was a bit see-through, and the neckline rather too low, so I realised that I needed a chemisette and a petticoat (also they would both be added layers for when attending cold reenactments!!). Not having the skill to make them myself, I decided to look on etsy as I had bought a few lovely items off there previously. After my last experience with horrendous custom charges and delays (once again thanks to customs in this country!!) I chose to stick to sellers in England. I found a lovely seller called Historika, who makes 19th century undergarments, beautifully.

Front of chemisette. It is fastened with buttons and a white ribbon.

Dorset buttons - Naomi (who owns Historika) handmade them! 

Detail of the collar

Back of Chemisette

Front and back of the petticoat. Their are two drawstrings to make the bodice more fitted.

Detail of the back of the petticoat

The lace trim on the hem.

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