Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mansfield Park - The Opera

I am not a fan of opera at all. My parents on the other hand are major opera fanatics, they go to about one a week. For years I have affectionately likened opera music to "screaming cats" and that's what it is now referred to in our household. So it was with a deal of apprehension that I decided to go to see Mansfield Park the opera, last night. It was performed at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston - a place I had never been to before and one that is not close to my house. I couldn't persuade any of my friends to come with me, and my parents had tickets for a play, so off I went by myself slightly worrying about taking the overground, tube and train all by myself at night. However the journeys both ways were fine, and I managed to find the theatre (with the help of good old GPS on my mobile), despite the fact that it had no sign proclaiming that it was a theatre. I had decided beforehand that if it was terrible I would leave straight away, and at least I had been and seen what it was like...

A copy of the programme

Well I needn't have worried. It was fabulous. :) The singing was amazing, as was the acting. The costumes were a bit iffy, especially Mr Rushworth's who look more Victorian than Regency, and Tom and Yates made no appearance, neither did Portsmouth or William, but the way it was transferred from novel to opera was wonderful. And I have to say that Lady Bertram, with her stuffed toy pug, stole the show - I couldn't stop laughing.

I have not been converted into an opera lover - it was nothing like the operas that I have been dragged to over the years - but I would definitely recommend seeing this opera. It was wonderful. :)


  1. Oh, I'm all envious now!! That programme looks spiffy!

    I'm curious to know how the opera sounded though! I can't visualise Fanny singing about the tortured feelings in her soul! :P

  2. Sounds amazing!!! Glad you enjoyed it! :0)

  3. Cathie - It was more like a musical with opera voices, and without the talking. So singing the words of the novel. :)

    Karen - it was. :)