Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Insane Heat

I know this is not historical in any way but I had to mention the insane heat we are experiencing at the moment. It is so hot - around 30 degrees C. Ok so compared to say Dubai, 30 isn't that hot, but for England it is crazy. The houses, the public transport and many other things are not designed for this kind of weather. I am currently sitting in my bedroom with a fan aimed at me, wearing pyjamas I usually only wear in really hot countries,  but I am still so hot. I had a dancing practice this evening for a Regency Ball I am going to on Friday, and going their and back on the train was really uncomfortable. So much so that I got out my fan (from the JA Centre :) of  course ) and started fanning myself - I got quite a few stares! :)

At least its good for Wimbledon I suppose. Though I do feel really sorry for the umpires as their blazers are wool and they are not allowed to take them off whatever the temperature. I'm surprised the one on Centre Court this evening didn't faint!! Right my rant about the weather is over. :) Back to all things historical

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