Friday, 3 June 2011

Green Bonnet, Reticule and Dress

I have just had a bonnet and reticule made to go with my green spencer. Sadly the shop where I bought the silk for my spencer had completely run out. Apparently they get the silk from India and the company in India had stop producing the colour that I wanted. :( So in the end I decided to buy some more of the material that my green dress is made out of (and I now realise that I have never posted a photo of the dress, so I will do so in this post). I had the bonnet and spencer made by a lady on Etsy 'regencyregalia'. I would definitely recommend her, her costumes are reasonably priced and her work is beautiful. Anyway I am getting off subject. I am slightly worried that with everything except, the spencer, all being made out of the same material, that it will be to much - an explosion of yellow flowers on a green background. I can't decide. I might be able to wear the bonnet and spencer with a white dress.

Here are the photos. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Very cute! I think the bonnet would look adorable with a white dress! :0)