Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Embassies of Buenos Aries

As I previously mentioned, I have recently got back from visiting my sister who lives in Buenos Aries, Argentina. I took loads of photos of old buildings (as I just love historic architecture) - way too many to post all of them. So I thought I would do a post on a collection of some of the most beautiful buildings which happened to pretty much all be foreign embassies in Buenos Aries. Pictured are the only embassies we came across.

Well I have to start with the British Embassy :).

Ok so this isn't an embassy but it is a beautiful old house! :) It is sadly being left to crumble as the owner doesn't have the money needed to maintain it, and is unable to sell the building for legal reasons.

And this one isn't an embassy either, it's a hotel, but I just had to add it in. It is so over the top in it's decoration, but I love it. :)

The Greek Embassy

The Portuguese Embassy - I just LOVE this building. It so picturesque and beautiful. :)

Portuguese again with the sun shining on it. The three circular topped windows are a balcony -  I think it has a certain Romeo and Juliet feel about it. :)

And again - Can you tell that I liked this building!!??

The Italian Embassy

More on Argentina in my next post. :)

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