Saturday, 10 December 2011

Historic Salta, Argentina

We did quite a bit of travelling around Argentina, which meant that it was far from a relaxing holiday!! One city that we stopped at for a couple of days was Salta, a very busy but lovely little city with some wonderful old buildings. Here are a few to peruse :) :

Iglesia y Convento San Francisco


Beautiful dome ceiling

Iglesia Catedral

Beautiful ceiling

Amazing alter

Building in  Plaza 9 de Julio

Museo Casa Uriburu - An 18th century house

We weren't allowed to take photos in this museum, so my photos were taken in a hurry so aren't amazing.

Some beautiful fans and headdresses that were worn by 18th and 19th century Argentinian women. One of them is enormous!!

The rooms weren't really set up as how they would have been in the 18th century. It was definitely more like a museum of historical home furnishings - hence the Victorian sofa.

A pretty building . The ground floor is a cafe.

Casa de Gobierno - beautiful french-inspired building.

Cabildo de Salta

I loved these! They are so cute and funny :). This was another museum where photos were forbidden. :( so these photos could definitely have been better.

The lovely sweeping balcony on the 1st floor - this museum used to be a private residence.

A sneaky photo of a beautiful 18th century waistcoat - sadly I didn't have enough time to take any close-ups

wonderful painted chair

I love the detail on the headboard

19th century chair and prayer stool in one!

Seriously decorated sink

This was the photo that got me in trouble. I thought it was too pretty not to capture, but as I did so I was caught and strictly told off by one of the museum's employees. She kept a beady eye on me for the rest of the time I spent in the museum, so sadly I could take anymore photos. :(

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