Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Regency Ball in Camden

At the end of November I attended a Regency ball in Camden. It had the potential to be a lovely ball, but after the 4th dance I managed to be my rather clumsy self and  fall down a step (admittedly it was quite a large one)!!!! I landed flat on my face and sprained my ankle. Rather stupid of me, but least I got to dance a couple of dances before. Despite me having to go home early, I managed to take a few photos so thought I would share them.

Here I am, at the beginning of the ball, with a friend from my 19th century dance club. We had to wear tiaras as it was meant to be a royal ball (the Prince Regent was in attendance) - mine looked awful on me. It didn't help that my face was bright red from sunburn!! 


More dancing

and more

at last but not least even more dancing. These are all the photos I managed to take before I decided to go flying down the stairs!!! :)


  1. What a merry ball!
    Too bad about your accident...:( Nevertheless I hope you've enjoyed the dancing!
    Thanks for sharing the photos,


  2. Ow, I hope you're feeling better. *hugs* I know I would trip often in such a long dress --being a properly lovely klutz! :P


    Beautiful ball...despite the danger of tripping, I would love to deck myself out and go to one!

  3. Thank you both *hugs*, my ankle is completely recovered. :)

    I did have great fun dancing before my clumsiness took over!!! :)

  4. I wish I was there!!!
    Sandra xxx