Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Victorian Christmas Ball

A week after my night of clumsiness at the Regency ball, I went to a Victorian Ball. It is held every year in December by my 19th century dance group but this was the first time I attended. I was very excited about going, as it would be my first chance to wear victorian clothing, so I was really hoping that my ankle would be healed by then. Sadly it only properly healed about a week ago, but by magic it managed to hold out for the whole ball - it was painful but not too painful to dance nearly every dance :). I had a fabulous evening. :) 

Some of the photos are a bit blurry and my camera was having one of its tantrums!! 

The ballroom with everyone dancing 

I just loved looking at everyone's gowns. :)

Me with my crazy suntan!!  My beautiful ball gown (yes I absolutely love it. And for the first time at a ball I thought I had the prettiest gown!! :) Arrogant I know but it's so pretty. :) ) 
I had to have it made in America as I couldn't find anywhere in England that made a Victorian gown. Normally I try to avoid buying clothing from abroad as the customs charge in this country is so outrageously expensive.  But this gown was worth the charge. It was made by Atlanta of  The Story of a Seamstress (she has a lovely etsy store called Bonny Blue). I sent her an image of the gorgeous blue gown worn by Edith in 'North and South' 04, and one of the blue gown worn by Bella Wilfer in 'Our Mutual Friend', and said I wanted a gown like them but as a ball gown. They are too of my favourite gowns, but they both happen to be day gowns. Despite this, Atlanta still managed to come up with a gorgeous gown which is beautifully simple and my dream ball gown. :)

Me with my friend Suzy

The majority of people were wearing mid-Victorian gowns but a few were wearing Regency...

... and some were wearing 1830s, like this beautiful red gown.

And me again with another friend, Sandra. I always smile when having my photo taken but in so many photos I seem to look really unhappy - strange!! 

It was such an experience wearing a crinoline - sitting down was interesting!! :) I also had great fun swirling around in it - it's such a bizarre experience! :)

The whole evening was wonderful and I can't wait for another Victorian Ball. Anyone in England feel like holding one?? :)


  1. :) How about anyone in Canada feel like holding one!

    Beautiful ball gown, Issy! And I must say, tisn't arrogance if it's the truth! I do think you have the prettiest gown in the room. ♥

  2. Ooh! What a wonderful event! Your dress is GORGEOUS! You look so lovely! And it is a wonderful colour on you! I am faimilar with Atlanta both through her blog, having had some contact with her and through a sewing forum. She makes really amazing creations!
    Ah! This post has made me long for a Victorian ball now!!

  3. This blog is simply amazing and for sure you were one of the prettiest girl at the Ball!
    Well done !!!
    Sandra xxx

  4. Sandra - Thank you. :)
    Your gown was gorgeous as well.