Sunday, 22 May 2011

French Revolutionary Soiree

On Friday night I went to a French Revolution party that was held by the Georgian society that I am a member of. As with the last party that they held, not everyone dressed up in 18th century costume, most people were dressed in modern interpretations. As mentioned in my last post, I ordered a gown for the party (my first Georgian one - I was so excited! :) ) but sadly it didn't arrive in time - it still hasn't arrived - Customs seem to be holding it hostage : (  But they say they will deliver it tomorrow - hopefully! This all meant that on Friday morning I had to come up with a new outfit!! Sadly I have no red, white and blue dress - even a modern one, so I decided to wear one of my Regency dresses. Despite being pink and cream, I decided that my toile de jouy gown would be the best as the pattern is French. My mother helped me cover the existing pink ribbon on it with blue and white ribbon to make it more revolutionary looking - but not red as it would have clashed. It looked a bit odd, but I was quite pleased with how it turned out under the circumstances. 

The party was held in a macaroon cafe in Covent Garden - Bougie Macaroon - which is not large so it was rather a squished party!! - not much room to move about - but it was good fun. Once again they had Marie Antoinette wearing a dress covered with macaroons - very delicious - but sadly the only food served, so most   people were rather drunk after about 3 hours - alcohol was not in short supply, however the only non alcoholic drink on offer was water!! Being a non-drinker (well I drink Pimms but it wasn't on offer) it did come to the point where it wasn't exceptionally easy to have a normal conversation with anyone - which is when I left. At about midnight we all paraded around the piazza in our finery, singing a revolutionary song that the party's host had made up. We got quite a few stares, but had a fabulous time. :)

Looking for a taxi once I had left was the slightly scary part of the whole evening. There wasn't one outside the cafe so my friend told me to go to the tube station as there would probably be more around there. Walking through the streets of Covent Garden, in Regency costume, during the day is fine as there are loads of people dressed up pretending to be statues, but I do not recommend doing it at night!! The amount of comments I got!!!! "Nice dress", "Ooh look its Angel Gabriel", "Little Bo Peep seems to have lost her sheep". At the beginning I didn't really mind it but after a while I was getting slightly panicked. Luckily though I finally managed to find a taxi after about 15/20 minutes of looking for one. 

Here are a few photos: 

My gown

My fan with a revolutionary ribbon added to it

My reticule

The Revolutionary Song


  1. Oh no! Sorry your dress didn't make it in time! Hope it arrives soon!! The dress you did wear sounds beautiful! :0)

  2. *gasp* What a gorgeous reticule!! And what a fun theme party to go to!! Nothing exciting like that ever happens where I live.. :( But, Oh dear, your 'journey home' sounds scary... the people on the streets don't seem very friendly.

  3. Thank you both :). The reticule is my mother's. She bought it years ago as an evening bag and suddenly remembered she had it when I was going to the last georgian party.