Friday, 13 May 2011

Georgian Buildings in Devon and Cornwall

I haven't really been able to leave the house recently as I have had so many essays to do, (but I have just finished the last one YAY :) !!!!) which means I haven't been able to go to any interesting houses or events lately, so I thought I would post some photos of a weekend trip I went on last year to Devon and Cornwall with the Georgian society I am a member of.

Puslinch House near Yealmpton on Devon/Cornwall border (View of the back of the house). We visited 3 houses. This was the second one. Beautiful Georgian house, but it is privately owned so has modern features sticking out here and there, and they are in the process of restoring it.

The Hall/Stairs

View of the garden from the house.

On the Sunday we went to a National Trust house, Antony in Cornwall. It was used in the recent film of 'Alice in Wonderland' (which I haven't seen - I am not a Tim Burton fan. I find his films a bit scary!) so everywhere there were things related to the film - a giant cheshire cat, enormous toadstools in the garden etc. !!

View of the house from the garden

The Library - even though the Trust owns the house the original family still lives there, so it looked very much lived in.

another photo of the Library

One of the rooms in the servants quarters which wasn't open to the public, but there was a window into it from a staircase so I sneaked a photo of this pretty jug and basin. :)

 Photos aren't great, as usual I forgot my camera so I took these with my phone. I thought I had more photos of the house but they seem to have disappeared!


  1. Oh my goodness once again your post made me smile! The homes are beautiful!!! :0)

  2. Thank you Karen, your posts are always so nice and jolly. *hugs* :) I'm glad it made you smile. :)