Monday, 2 May 2011

Toile de Jouy Pink and Cream Regency Dress

I am meant to be studying, but I am going crazy trying to revise the ins and outs of Orientalism and Material Culture, so I thought I would take a break. What better thing to do, than drink a cup of steaming hot Lady Grey while looking at photos of regency costumes. :) In this case they happen to be the costumes that I made! Sadly, as mentioned before, my sewing skills are not great. When I attempt to make something there is generally a lot of shouting and death staring at the sewing machine!!! So I tend not to go near it very often! However on this occasion I had just got back from the Jane Austen Festival and was so full of inspiration, Jane Austen and Regenyness, that I forgot my lack of skills, and remembering that I had a pattern lying about, I decided to make another dress. Here is the result.

The material was originally a duvet cover! I bought it on the internet, and when it arrived I didn't check it as I was packing to go to uni in Canada. When I finally took it out to put it on my duvet, I realised it was faulty. I was annoyed, but was jet-lagged and had no other duvet cover with me so used it anyway.This meant I couldn't send it back, but I decided to keep it as I liked the material, and thought it would come in handy one day.  And it did. :)

The pattern is Mrs Chancey's Regency Dress Pattern from

Close-up of material