Friday, 6 May 2011

Monty Don's Italian Gardens

I'm not really that interested in gardening. I enjoy walking round gardens at National Trust houses etc, but I only know the names of a few plants, and I have never been one to watch gardening programmes. However, I was thoroughly bored the other day (when I was meant to be revising!!) so decided to look through the programmes on BBC iplayer, and came across Monty Don's Italian Gardens. I didn't think it would be that interesting, but I thought I might as well watch it and see if I could recognise any of the gardens that I saw on my Gap year travels in Italy. Such a good decision. The gardens are breathtakingly beautiful, and the history of why the gardens where made and who by, is fascinating, (and I realised that I had hardly seen any when I was there).  Monty Don travels around Italy, starting in Rome, visiting world-famous gardens and well kept secrets, both private and public, recounting their history. You also occasionally get to see a glimpse of the beautiful houses and palaces that are in some of the gardens. I watched the first episode on Rome and the third on Naples, but sadly missed the second one on Florence. But there is one more episode that is on this evening. It is definitely worth watching. :)

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